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West Ham 1934

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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Work for the male adults is allocated as follows:—

High Grade:—
Farm Work10
Assisting Handyman3
Boot Mending3
Carpentry and Cane Work4
Ward and Kitchen Work226
Low Grade:—
Clean all Boots and Shoes, Pare
Potatoes, Clean Cutlery, etc.12
Rug Making5
Mentally Unfit225

In addition to the drill and games, an added interest this
year has been the formation of troups of Scouts and Guides.
These are proving extremely popular and all members are showing
remarkable keenness.
Amusements. The football and cricket teams for the boys,
and the netball for the girls, continue to be much appreciated.
A sandpit for the babies was formed in the summer. The higher
grade boys and girls go to the Cinema at Grays occasionally.
Several concerts were given by visiting concert parties, and
the patients themselves, together with the staff, gave a concert
which was attended by members of the Committee.
The Staff gave a concert for the patients and their relatives
on Boxing Day.
The annual Sports were held in June, the weather was glorious
and the day a great success.
Country walks are taken regularly in the summer and, when
weather permits, in the winter. In addition the Scouts and
Guides go tracking.
Religion. An average of sixty patients attend the Village
Church on Sundays. A Roman Catholic Priest from Grays visits
the Catholic patients periodically and, as the Church is too far
away for attendance, a service is held occasionally for them in
one of the Day rooms.
Staff. I am pleased to state that the results of the Staff
examination have been most gratifying,
2 Male Nurses passed the General Nursing Council
Final Examination
1 Male Nurse passed the R.M.P.A. Final
2 Male Nurses passed the R.M.P.A. Prelim.
2 Female Nurses passed the R.M.P.A. Prelim.
In conclusion I wish to express my appreciation of the
splendid loyalty and help given me by the Staff.