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West Ham 1934

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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benefit from their stay at the Home. It is to be hoped that in the
near future this building will be disposed of, so as to make way
for an entirely new and up-to-date Convalescent Home, in some
congenial surroundings.
Other Hospital Facilities.
(10) The Council have an arrangement with Queen Mary's
Hospital and Plaistow Maternity Hospital for the institutional
treatment of maternity cases.
Orthopaedic treatment is carried out at the Children's
Hospital, Balaam Street, and at the Brookfield Hospital, Walthamstow
(see page 56).
Cases of Ophthalmia Neonatorum are treated at the Royal
London Ophthalmic Hospital, St. Margaret's Hospital, and at
the London County Council Hospital, White Oak, Swan'ey, Kent
Surgical Tuberculosis is treated at Alton, etc.
Open-Air Schools.
(11) There are two Open Air Schools, one at Fyfield
(Residential), near Ongar, to accommodate 80 boys and 60 girls,
and one within the Borough at Crosby Road (Day), to
accommodate 60 girls and 30 boys.

Vaccination Acts, 1867 to 1898.

The following is a summary of the work carried out under the above mentioned Acts during the year 1934:—
No. of Cases in Birth Lists received during the year5466
No. of Certificates of Vaccination received1306
No. of Certificates of Postponement owing to—
Health of Child390
Condition of House
Prevalence of Infectious Disease
No. of Certificates under Section 2 of Vaccination Act, 1898, and No. of Statutory Declarations under
Section 1 of the Vaccination Act, 19072889
No. of Certificates of Insusceptibility or of having had Smallpox14
No of Cases—
Parents removed out of District944
Otherwise not found262
No. of Entries in Lists sent to Public Vaccinator1397