London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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West Ham 1934

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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Types of Mental Illness:—
Schizophrenia 8
Clyclothymia 9
Delusional States 2
Epilepsy 1
— 20
Psycho Neurotic States—
Anxiety 5
Depression and Exhaustion 3
Trauma 1
— 9
Congenital Mental Defect— 7 7
Behaviour Problem Children 16
— 16


RecoveredRelievedNo improvementSubsequent failure to attendstill under treatment
Psycho Neuroses241-2
Behaviour Problems45223
Admitted from Clinic to Mental Hospital:—
As Voluntary Patients12
Recommended to be Certified2
Recommended to Forest Gate Hospital1
Since discharged "recovered" from Mental Hospital8

Laboratory Work.
Bacteriological work is carried out at several of the municipal
The West Ham Insurance Committee have an arrangement
with Queen Mary's Hospital, Stratford, E.15, whereby any
practitioner on the panel may have a pathological report upon
any case or material should he consider it necessary. This
arrangement does not embrace the facilities for pathologica1
examinations provided for by the public health services.
In addition to the routine bacteriological work at Plaistow
Fever Hospital any medical practitioner may have a report upon
any case of suspected diphtheria, typhoid, or cerebro-spinal fever.
The bacteriological examination of samples of graded milk,
ordinary milk and other articles, is carried out at Queen Mary's
Hospital, E.15.
At the Tuberculosis Dispensary, the Tuberculosis Officer
examines all specimens of sputum submitted to him, as suspected
to contain the tubercle bacillus.
The Council has a part-time analyst, who analyses samples of
water, milk and food stuffs. He is also the analyst under the
Fertilisers' and Feeding Stuffs' Act, 1926.