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West Ham 1934

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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The parents were invited to visit the School in April, and the
Old Girls' Reunion was held as usual in July. A very successful
and enjoyable Flower and Vegetable Show was carried through
by the children in September.
Encouraging reports have been received with regard to the
suitable employment obtained and held b\ most of the girls who
have left the School.
Ogilvie School of Recovery, Clacton-on-Sea.
The Authority also retains 10 beds for girls at the Ogilvie
School of Recovery, Clacton-on-Sea. The selected cases are
delicate children found at Routine and Special examinations.
The children selected for admission are further medically
examined before going to Clacton, and the discharged cases are
examined soon after their return home.
During the year 10 cases were admitted and 9 discharged.
(14) Full-time Courses of Higher Education for Blind,
Deaf, Defective and Epileptic Students.
Following are the Institutions at which West Ham cases
were undergoing a specialised course of training, having regard
to their particular defect, during 1934:-
Swiss Cottage for the Blind 3 men,
Barclay School for the Blind, Brighton 1 woman
National Institute for the Blind 1 man
Royal School for the Blind, Leatherhead 2 men
Lingfield Epileptic Colony 1 woman
Heritage Craft School 1 man
In addition, 10 adult blind persons received training at the
West Ham Municipal Workshops for the Blind. This Institution
is administered by the West Ham Council, as the Statutory authority
under the Blind Persons' Act. During the year one man was
examined and reported on as to suitability for training under this
No particulars are available regarding the after-careers of
students who have left the above Institutions.
(15) Nursery Schools.
The Authority has two Nursery Schools, one in the north and
one in the south of the Borough, on sites adjoining Abbey and
Rosetta Road Schools respectively.