London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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West Ham 1932

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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List of Members of the Council.
The Worshipful the Mayor (Councillor Thomas Edward Groves,
J.P., M.P.).
The Deputy Mayor (Councillor H. D. Clark).
W. T. Bell; G. Croot; W. Devenay; B. W. Gardner; W.
Godbold; J. H. Hollins, J.P.; J. T. Husband, J.P.; J. J.
Jones, J.P., M.P.; Edith Kerrison, J.P.; E. J. Reed, J.P.;
W. J. Reed; H. J. Rumsey; J. T. Scoulding, J.P.; M.
Streimer; W. J. Thorne, C.B.E., J .P., M.P.; T. Wooder.
P. Hearn; A. E. Cresswell; E. W. Wordley, J.P.; Mrs. E.
E. Wybrew; J. Foster; O. O. Motsfield; F. A. Warner; E.
H. J. Adams; F. E. Mansford; W. A. T. Torrington
(deceased); S. Bulling, J.P.; A. G. Gay, J.P.; E. W. White,
J.P.; W. H. Luscombe; W. C. Ridgwell, J.P.; C. H. W.
Ward, J.P.; E. C. Cannon; D. H. A. Hanley, B.Sc.; L. F.
W. White, B.Sc. (Econ.); A. B. Macgregor; J. N. Osbourn;
H. Parker; G. R. Blaker; W. T. Nichols; A. J. Walker; C.
St. Clair Collins; D. W. Hall; A. W. Wells; Mrs. E. C.
Cook; A. E. Killip; H. J. Manners; Mrs. A. A. Barnes; C.
A. Bennett; G. J. Stokes; G. Doherty; A. C. Gentry; D.
H. Smith; S. M. Edwards; Mrs. F. Harris; Mrs. D.
Parsons, J.P.; Mrs. E. Bock; Mrs. E. J. Gregory; H. F.
Willig; J. Doherty; Mrs. J. A. Hollins; Mrs. F. A. Wood.
List of Committees.
Dealing with Health Matters.
His Worship the Mayor
(Councillor Thomas Edward Groves, J.P., M.P.)
Ex-officio member of Committees.
Public Health Committee.
Chairman: The Deputy Mayor (Councillor H. D. Clark).
Aldermen: Husband, Edith Kerrison, E. J. Reed, Rumsey,
Scoulding and Streimer.
Councillors: : Mrs. Barnes, Collins, Foster, Mrs. Gregory, Hanley,
Hearn, Killip, and Mrs. Wybrew.