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West Ham 1930

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for West Ham]

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Insurance against Tuberculosis.
Butchers frequently experience heavy losses as a result of the
condemnation by the Health Authorities of carcases affected with
tuberculosis, and in order to cover themselves against such losses
they have been instrumental in starting insurance schemes at a
number of the livestock markets.
Both the farmers and the butchers contribute so much per
head in respect of each beast bought in the market, and from the
fund so created the butchers are compensated when losses are
Such schemes benefit the farmers, as the butchers are
usually willing to pay higher prices for insured as against uninsured
beasts; while the butchers are protected against losses in
cases of condemnation.
The promotion of such schemes is to be welcomed, and it
would be of benefit if similar insurance schemes were in existence
at all livestock markets.
Several butchers in this district now buy practically all their
beasts at markets where insurance schemes are in operation.
Applications for Licences.
Thirteen applications were received for the renewal of
Slaughter-House licences. Twelve were granted, one being refused
as the slaughter-house is used as a machine-room for the
making of sausages, etc.
An application for the renewal of a Knacker's-Yard licence
was also received and granted.

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