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Brentford and Chiswick 1953

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Brentford and Chiswick]

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Scarlet Fever
A fall in the number of notifications of Scarlet Fever is to
be seen, the figures being 65 in 1953 as compared with 124 in 1952.
32 cases were admitted to hospital and the disease did not appear
to be severe in type.
8 secondary cases occurred,i.e. patients developing the infection
subsequent to the first case occurring in the same household, and in
three of these incidents the original patient was nursed at home.
No cases of diphtheria occurred during the year. The last
confirmed case of diphtheria in the Borough was in 1948.

Information concerning immunisation against Diphtheria and also Whooping Cough in the Borough during 1953, has been supplied by the County Medical Officer and is as follows:-

Age at date of final or re-inforcing injection.Children who completed a full course of Primary Immunisation.Children given a secondary or re-inforcing injection,
Diphtheria onlyCombined Diphtheria and Whooping cough.Whooping cough onlyDiphtheria onlyCombined Diphtheri and whoop ing coughWhoop- a ing -cougb only.
Under 1117286211-
15 and over.------
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The following table shows the number of children under 15 in the Borough at the 31st December, 1953, who had completed a course of immunisation against Diphtheria at any time before that date.
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