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Hounslow 1970

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hounslow]

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increased slightly over the 1969 figure The
Colleges continue to provide a wide range of
training courses for such occupations as
engineering scientific work photography
fine art hairdressing and work in the health
services During the year several course
lecturers asked for information and advice on
the occupational health aspect of the subjects
they taught. These included contact dermatitis
caused by chemicals used in photography,
skin cancer caused by continuous contact
with cutting oils in engineering and the hazards
of inhalation of hair lacquer in hairdressers
An important part of student health work is
the counselling aspect. Students sometimes
need urgent advice on health and welfare
matters in order to prevent illness. It was
possible to increase the counselling facilities
considerably in September 1970 on the appoint
ment of Miss Anne Griffin SRN OHNC to
the post of student health nurse Thus after
some four years of the polytechnic student
health services's existence the team of tutor,
welfare officer nurse and doctor is complete.
It is to be regretted that both Colleges
decided not to hold their annual induction
course for new students in 1970. These courses
provided an opportunity for new students to
learn about the health and welfare services
of the colleges as well as to receive advice on
student health matters. It is hoped that these
induction courses will be re organised in
future years Talks on the social mental and
physical problems of adolescence were given
to the parents of students and several parents
asked for individual consultations on specific
young people s health problems Nurse Griffin
held a group discussion with women students
on the health problems of young people and
this was well received It appears that the
individual health consultation and group
discussion of health problems are more accept
able to most students thai the didactic health

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