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Richmond upon Thames 1965

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Richmond upon Thames]

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There were 7 deaths from tuberculosis during 1965 viz: —

RESPIRATORYMALES 41, age 55 years; 1, age 65 years; 2, over 75 years.
FEMALES 11, age 65 years.
FEMALES 21, age 45 years; 1, age 55 years.

Residents from the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames attend the
Hounslow and Ashford Chest Clinics which serve the areas of Twickenham, Teddington,
Hampton and Hampton Wick, and the Kingston Chest Clinic which serves the
areas of Barnes and Richmond, with an ad hoc clinic to the Kingston Chest Unit at
Richmond Royal Hospital.
The following comments have been received from the Consultant Chest Physicians.
Dr. C. O. Edwards, M.A., M.B., B.Ch., M.R.C.P., M.R.C.S., Kingston Chest Clinic
writes: —
"My impression of tuberculosis both in Kingston and Richmond is that the
fication rate is remaining fairly static, and that cases of tuberculosis are still occurring
and that we are a long way from total eradication.
As, of course, the cases become rarer, our case findings and our search to find the
existing cases must become more extensive and we must cast the contact net more
widely. As you know it will always remain my view that the problem will never be
defeated until some form of compulsion can be applied to those infectious cases who
will not admit illness or accept treatment".
Dr. R. Heller, M.D., Hounslow Chest Clinic, writes : —
"Facilities for diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis as well as prevention
and after care are provided by the Hounslow Chest Clinic and home visiting
is carried out by Health Visitors attached to the Clinic. They are also responsible for
the examination of contacts and for B.C.G. inoculation for the prevention of
A prominent part in the treatment is played by domiciliary chemotherapy (i.e.,
treatment with suitable drugs or injections given at home) on the recommendation of
the Chest Physician, with the aid of the District Nurses provided by the Local
Apart from the institutional treatment provided by the local Hospital Management
Committee of the North West Metropolitan Regional Hospital Board in General
Hospitals and in Chest Hospitals, there is also a London Borough of Richmond upon
Thames Hostel for chronic ambulant male tuberculous patients. (See page 30).
Facilities for convalescence, rehabilitation and training are provided by the Local
Authority and the North West Metropolitan Regional Hospital Board.
The Social side of the treatment and prevention of pulmonary tuberculosis is dealt
with by the Welfare Department of the Hounslow Chest Clinic".