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Richmond upon Thames 1965

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Richmond upon Thames]

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There is great opportunity for much more education of this kind for the older
age groups which might be done in the clubs and for talks on similar lines appropriately
adapted to middle-aged and pre-retirement groups.
Another health visitor of the same grade could improve the quality of health
education by co-ordinating and advising the district health visitors and encouraging
more talks in schools and to outside organisations (see page 42).
One health visitor has taken the Field Workers Instruction course and has already
started training students in the new methods laid down by the Council for the Training
of Health Visitors. Another health visitor will be taking the course early in the new
There are still some students completing a course of integrated nursing training
and we continue to receive 6 — 9 student nurses from West Middlesex Hospital, 3 from
The Middlesex Hospital and 11 from Richmond Royal Hospital four times a year.
Four health visitors have attended refresher courses.
Chief Nursing Officer
The primary object of this post must be to develop a closer working relationship
and exchange of information between all sections of the nursing staff.
Two meetings of all nursing staff have been held, at which items of general interest
were discussed. It is proposed to have at least two each year, which not only gives all
staff a chance to get to know each other but to which we hope to invite speakers on
special subjects and to show new films and health education material.
The Chief Nursing Officer must also keep abreast of current opinion and development
by membership of committees and attendance at meetings and conferences and
pass this information on to all the staff, stimulating them to develop, be progressive in
outlook, receptive to new trends, and not afraid to try out new ideas.
Her other role is in helping to form policy and to advise, support and encourage
the staff, particularly the senior ones who have closer day-to-day contact with field

Health Visiting

Cases visited by health visitorsNumber of cases
1Children born in 19652,995
2Children born in 19642,707
3Children born in 1960-635,573
4Total number of children in lines 1 — 311,275
5Persons aged 65 or over530
6Number included in line 5 who were visited at the special request of a G.P. or hospital88
7Mentally disordered persons ...135
8Number included in line 7 who were visited at the special request of a G.P. or hospital29
9Persons, excluding Maternity cases, discharged from hospital (other than mental hospitals)23
10Number included in line 9 who were visited at the special request of a G.P. or hospital12
11Number of tuberculous households visited ...8
12Number of households visited on account of other infectious diseases23
13Number of tuberculous households visited by tuberculosis visitors451