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Richmond upon Thames 1965

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Richmond upon Thames]

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From the table below it will be seen that the first five years of childhood suffer the major incidence of the disease and the sexes are affected equally:

Under 1 year382664
1 year9991190
2 years113127240
3 years142162304
4 years168121289
5 — 9 years412428840
10 — 14 years211940
15 — 24 years10515
25 +7310

There were two deaths from measles during 1965, one of whom was eligible for
inclusion in the measles vaccine trial (see page 27). She was not so protected.
Vaccination and Immunisation (see page 26).
Food Poisoning.
Six cases of food poisoning were notified during the year and the causative organism
was identified by the Public Health Laboratory as S.typhi murium in three cases. One
of these cases, despite the fact that he was symptom free after one week, continued to
excrete S.typhi murium in his stool for eight weeks. Our epidemiological advice is
based on the balance between clinical and bacteriological factors with each individual
patient. In this instance the boy returned to his boarding school in the Midlands
symptom free, although he was still bacteriological positive.
Despite thorough investigation of all notified cases of food poisoning by the health
department and the Public Health Laboratory Service, it was not possible to implicate
any particular food as the vehicle.
1962 14
1963 6
1964 8
1965 6
In the middle of the year a local resident was diagnosed as a case of psittacosis by
a local hospital. The infection was attributed to a young budgerigar, which the patient's
daughter had bought in a local pet shop and brought home. The bird was listless and
appeared to have difficulty in breathing and died next day. Twelve days later the
patient sickened.
No other ill birds were found in the pet shop in question when investigated nor
in any other of the pet shops within the borough. The City of London Veterinary
Officer, engaged by this authority in connection with the Diseases of Animals Act,
1950, gave valuable advice and assistance in ensuring the thorough disinfection and
cleaning of bird cages in all pet shops, particularly the one which had sold the infected