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Richmond upon Thames 1953

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Richmond]

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Report of the Medical Officer of Health for the year 1953.
Mr. E. S. Herbert was appointed Senior Additional Sanitary
Inspector in place of Mr. G. C. Smith who had resigned in order
to take up a more senior post with another Authority. Mr. Herbert
commenced duty in January and so has been with this Department
for most of the year under review.
There were no other changes in staff.
The Registrar General's estimate of the population was 42,440
which is an increase of nearly 500 on the census population of 1951.
The Surrey section of the Census Report for 1951 has been
published and contains a great deal of information about the popula
tion of Richmond.
The total population was 41,944, comprising 18,878 males and
23,066 females. The percentage increase in the inter-censal years
1931-1951 was 6.8 which is very low compared with most other
districts in the country and only slightly higher than the percentage
increase during the years 1921-1931.

The percentage distribution of population by age as compared w that cf the administrative county was as follows:—

0— 4 years7.77.7
5—14 „10.913.1
15—44 „42.241.5
45—64 „25.325.9
65 ,, and over13.911.8
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In the total population there were 3,236 children under school age,
4,551 children of compulsory school age, and 1,082 persons over the
age of 75 of whom 45 were over the age of 90.
The rather high percentage of elderly persons does not favour a
low death rate and the marital state does not particularly favour a
high birth rate. Of the total population 41.1% were single, 49.2%
were married, and 9.7% were widowed or divorced.

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