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Richmond upon Thames 1953

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Richmond]

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Head Lice20420518118830823978141129984054
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Figures in the above table are children attending schools in the
Borough found to be verminous at routine inspections in school by
Health Visitors.
Scabies is no longer a problem in the district. The 54 cases of
louse infestation are school children who are well known to the School
Nurses. They are given materials for cleansing and parents are
given full instructions. Bad cases are cleansed at the school clinics
by the Health Visitors.
The position in Richmond for the year 1953 may be summarised
as follows: —
Respiratory Tuberculosis.
Seventy-four cases of respiratory tuberculosis were notified viz
45 males and 29 females. The corresponding figure for 1952 was 84.
Non-Respiratory Tuberculosis.
Eight new cases of non-respiratory tuberculosis were notified
during the year and there were no deaths from this cause. Four such
cases have been notified during 1952.

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