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Richmond upon Thames 1953

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Richmond]

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The following table show; the percentages of children immunised as recorded in the Annual Reports since 1946: —

Under 5 years69.95969. S69.86967.669.965.1
5 to 15 years86.28895.39491.495 291.595.8
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In addition the policy of giving single reinforcing doses at appropriate
intervals during a child's school life has been continued.
The materials used are, for children under 10, Alum Precipitated
Toxoid and for children over 10 Toxoid Anti-Toxin Floccules. T.A.F.
is used for all reinforcing doses and is given subcutaneously.
A combined prophylactic giving protection against Diphtheria
and Whooping Cough is used, or in cases where Diphtheria Immunisation
has already been completed, protection against Whooping
Cough is given separately.

Attendances at Clinics during1953.

Diphtheria and Whooping Cough CombinedWhooping Cough only
Windham Road, Richmond522212
Back Lane, Ham ...20574
Sheen Road, Richmond (since 6.5.53)31566
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Private Doctors.
In addition 122 children were immunised with the combined
prophylactic by private doctors and 30 against whooping cough alone.

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