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Richmond upon Thames 1943

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Richmond]

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Arrangements have been made for Scabies cases to be treated
at the First Aid Post adjacent to the Clinic, and the personnel
of this post have carried out the treatment in a very satisfactory
The material used for treatment was a Benzyl-Benzoate
Of the 241 cases seen, 122 were school children.
As previously mentioned, Bacteriological Examinations for
Infectious Disease are carried out by the Pathologist at the Royal
Hospital, Richmond.

During the year the number of specimens, etc., sent up for examination was as follows:—

Disease Suspected.Nature of Specimen.Result.Total.
DiphtheriaSwabs from Throat and Nose16667
Other Diseases...72633
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It has not been necessary to take action under the Public Health
(Prevention of Tuberculosis) Regulations, 1925, or under Section
172 of the Public Health Act, 1936.
Respiratory Tuberculosis (Phthisis). Fifty-seven cases of
this disease were notified during the year (36 males and 21 females).
Of these 22 (16 males and 6 females) were removed to Hospital or
Sanatorium. There were 56 cases notified in 1942.

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