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Chingford 1947

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Chingford]

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The Counties Public Health Laboratories, 66 Victoria St., London,
S.W.l, undertake bacteriological examinations for the Council.
During the year 41 samples were forwarded to the Laboratories
for bacteriological examination, 25 being samples of ice-cream, 10
of other foods and 6 samples of water from the Swimming Pool.
Owing to the greater importance which was given to ice-cream,
a much larger number of samples was taken than in previous years.
In two instances the Bacteriologist reported that the samples were
unsatisfactory in that they contained excessive numbers of bacteria
which included organisms of excremental origin. In one instance
a letter of warning was sent to the Manufacturer and an ice-cream
of improved quality was produced. In the other case the Local
Authority decided to institute proceedings under the Food and
Drugs Act, 1938, and, whilst the decision of the magistrates was
against the Local Authority, it was felt that the publicity which was
given to the case was helpful in bringing to the notice of dealers
and manufacturers of ice-cream in the district the importance of
the utmost cleanliness in the handling of this product.
Dr. Bernard Dyer & Partners, Ltd., Peek House, 20 Eastcheap,
E.C.3, are the Public Analysts for the district.

The following articles were submitted for chemical examination during the year in supplementation of the Essex County Council's Food and Drugs service:—

280CheeseGenuine cheese—nothing abnormal.
281Saccharin TabletsIn substantial accord with minimum requirements of Sacc. (Co. M.P.) Order.
282Sherbert PowderUnsweetened effervescent powder of a normal character.
283BreadSlightly fermented, objectionable but not harmful.
284Cut CeleryNo harmful amounts of tin, lead, copper or zinc.
28bBeans in Tomato SauceUnsuitable for human consumption, 2.9 grains of tin per pound.
286TomatoesUnsuitable for human consumption, 2.3 grains of tin per pound.
287Mireen Green Pea SoupNo harmful amounts of tin, lead, copper or zinc.
288MargarinePresence of rancidity. Unfit for human consumption.
279aFish OmeletteNo harmful amounts of tin, lead, copper or zinc.
280aBreakfast Roll
281aVegetables in Gravy
282aFish Roll
283 aHerrings in Tomato Sauce
289Beef SausagesFree from preservatives.
290Jam TartJam tart unfit for human consumption. Foreign matter found to be finely shredded tobacco leaf.
In connection with Sample No. 290, a letter of warning was sent to the firm.
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