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Chingford 1947

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Chingford]

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2.—Cases in which Defects were Found.

ParticularsNumber of cases in which defects foundNo. of cases in which prosecutions were instituted.
FoundRemediedReferred To h.m. Inspector.Referred By h.m. Inspector.
Want of cleanliness (S.1)11---
Overcrowding (s.2)-----
Unreasonable temperature (S.3)
Inadequate ventilation (s.4)-----
Ineffective drainage of floors (S.6)-----
Sanitary Conveniences (S.7):
(a) Insufficient11-1-
(b) Unsuitable or defective-----
(c) Not separate for sexes-----
Other offences against the Act (not including offences relating to Outwork)-----
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Number and Trades of Outworkers notified during 1947
Wearing Apparel 2 Down Quilts
Footwear Stationery
Brush-making Toys
Handbags Paper Bags
Outworkers were notified from the following Areas:
Bethnal Green Leyton
Finsbury 3 Stoke Newington
Islington 8 St. Marylebone
Hackney 30 Finchley 1
Tottenham 6 Stratford 1
Holborn 2
Rats and Mice (Destruction) Act, 1919.
The Council continues to employ a full-time Rodent Operative
under the Scheme inaugurated with the Ministry of Agriculture
and Fisheries. Whilst there was no evidence of major infestations
in the town, the Rodent Operative paid many calls to deal with 149
minor infestations at private and business premises in the town.
A 10% test-baiting of sewer manholes was carried out and the
final result showed that 44% of the manholes tested gave complete
takes. Under these circumstances the local authority made arrangements
for the initial treatment of sewers to be carried out in the
financial year 1948/49.

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