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Chingford 1947

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Chingford]

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Nuisances and Defects
In the following table are summarised the nuisances and defects
dealt with or in connection with which action was commenced
during the year under the Housing Acts, Public Health Acts,
Byelaws and other Enactments:

Table 3

Dirty premises1
Defective roofs, spoutings and eavesgutters64
Blocked yard and W.C. drains13
Blocked sewers155
Defective sewers8
Defective drainage13
Wall and ceiling plaster defective34
Ashbins defective19
W.C.'s without proper flushing arrangements26
Insufficient water supply1
Water closets defective14
Defective stoves and firegrates31
Defective floors25
Water fittings defective20
Defective external brickwork10
Stairs and rails defective4
Defective woodwork of windows and doors35
Sinks and waste pipes defective10
Yard paving defective4
Defective wash coppers1
Defective sash cords, glazing, etc.15
Rat Infestation149
Animals kept so as to be a nuisance9
Accumulations of offensive matter15
Lack of sanitary accommodation1
Defective hot water systems11
Walls defective12
Defective water storage tanks1
No washing facilities1
Defective window sills1
Verminous premises13 737
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Table 4

Letters sent out and notices served in connection with sanitary matters.

Public Health Acts:
Preliminary Notices120
Secondary Notices6
Statutory Notices9
Statutory Notices (re Maintenance of Sewers)13
Housing Acts:
Preliminary Notices71
Secondary Notices3
Statutory Notices4
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