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Chingford 1947

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Chingford]

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Inspections on Complaint
The number of complaints received at the office and recorded
in the register was 508 as compared with 437 in the previous year
and 212 for the year 1945.
The total inspections made on complaint was 873 and the
number of defects or nuisances revealed was 289, which are
analysed in the following table. Informal notices were at once
served on the owners or occupiers of the premises concerned.

T able 1

Dirty Premises1
Defective roofs, spoutings and eavesgutters2
Blocked yard and W.C. drains6
Blocked sewers155
Defective sewers8
Defective drainage13
Defective dustbins13
W.C.'s without proper flushing arrangements18
Defective W.C. s7
Insufficient water supply1
Defective stoves and fire grates5
Defective water fittings8
Waste pipes and sinks defective6
Verminous premises13
Animals kept so as to be a nuisance9
Accumulations of offensive matter15
Defective hot water systems3
Lack of W.C. accommodation1
Lack of washing facilities2
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