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Chingford 1947

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Chingford]

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As from the 1st April, 1947, the Council instituted an incentive
bonus scheme, which superseded the normal bonus scheme which
had been in operation for many years. A copy of the new scheme
is detailed below, but as the Disposal Works were partially closed
for repairs for nearly the whole of the period under review, it
would not be wise to comment on the efficiency or otherwise of the
"Incentive Bonus Scheme.
Irrespective of cash value received, a bonus of 10% be paid
on the annual cash value of salvage sold, subject to the substitution
of the following scale of payments where appropriate:

(a) Basis of Bonus Payment.

Annual Cash Value of Salvage Sold.Total Percentage Bonus payable by Council to the Staff as a Whole.
Exceeding £2,000, but not exceeding £2,25010 per cent. of total income.
Exceeding .£2,250, but not exceeding £2,50012½ ,, ,, ,, ,,
Exceeding £2,500. but not exceeding £2,75015 ,, ,, ,, ,,
Exceeding £2,750, but not exceeding £3,00017½ ,, ,, ,, ,,
Exceeding £3,00020
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(b) Staff Eligible for Receipt of Bonus.
All permanent and temporary staff employed at the Refuse
Disposal Works to be eligible for the receipt of bonus, subject to
the minimum period of employment of one week, and that absence
from duty owing to sickness or holidays be also included as time
worked for purposes of calculation of bonus.
(c) Calculation of Bonus.
Bonus to be distributed on the basis of the number of weeks
that each man has been employed on the collection and disposal
of salvage throughout the year, subject to a minimum period of
employment of one week."
In January, 1947, the works were commenced in connection
with which the Council had entered into a contract the previous
year. The original contract was for £4,963 and comprised the
dismantling of the then existing 30 ins. elevating belt conveyor
and the receiving hopper, and the provision of a reinforced concrete
pit, together with a steel plate refuse receiving hopper 30 ft. long
by 9 ft. wide and 6 ft. deep, fitted with an overlapping belt plate
feed conveyor 5 ft. wide and one 30ins. elevating belt conveyor

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