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Chingford 1937

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Chingford]

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Fifty-five visits were paid to various premises in connection
with rat infestation during the year. Poisons were supplied in
certain cases and rat traps loaned. In no case was it found
necessary to take statutory action under the above Act.
The following is a summary of activities which took place
during National Rat Week, 1st to 6th November, 1937: —
(a) Posters exhibited calling attention to Rat Week;
(b) 250 Ministry of Agriculture bulletins distributed in
" Better Health " journals;
(c) 500 general leaflets on rat destruction distributed
principally at the Public Library;
(d) Short article oni Rat Destruction in local newspaper
and a further article in "Better Health" journal, of
which 1,000 copies were distributed;
(e) Baits laid in the main sewers belonging to the Local
(f) Red Squill poisons put down at the Refuse Disposal
(g) Visits paid to rat infested premises.
The active interest displayed in rat destruction during Rat
Week appears to be exceedingly small, in fact it would be
difficult to assess the real value, if any, of this form of
YEAR 1937.
1. Number of New Houses erected during the Year : —
(1) By the Local Authority —
(2) By other Local Authorities —
(3) By other bodies or persons 917
Total 917
2. Inspection of Dwelling-Houses during the Year ; —
(1) (a) Total number of dwelling-houses inspected
for housing defects (under Public Health or
Housing Acts) 1,221
(b) Number of inspections made for the purpose 2,421
(2) (a) Number of dwelling-houses (included under
sub-head (1) above) which were inspected
and recorded under the Housing Consolidated
Regulations, 1925 101
(b) Number of inspections made for the purpose 807
(3) Number of dwelling-houses found to be in a
state so dangerous or injurious to health as
to be unfit for human habitation —
(4) Number of dwelling-houses (exclusive of
those referred to under the preceding subhead)
found not to be in all respects
reasonably fit for human habitation 318*
* Note.—This figure includes all houses where defects were
found, including those which were inspected and recorded
under the Housing Act, 1936.