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Barnes 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Barnes]

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(b) Hereunder I give the Public Analyst's reports on the two
samples examined which were found to be irregular or sub-standard.
Whilst no legal proceedings were instituted the matters complained
of were taken up with the manufacturers concerned with satisfactory
results, as indicated:—
Sample No. 300. — Brown Rice.
"The Analyst was of the opinion that this was a sample of unpolished
white rice of inferior quality. Brown rice is understood to be rice which has
had the outer husk or hulls removed, but which still includes the brown outer
skin. This sample, except for a few isolated grains, consisted of skinned or
white rice, but it did not appear to have been polished. On cooking with
water, this rice developed a most unpleasant putrid odour and taste. There
was no evidence that this was due to mould growth or other external contamination."
Inquiries made revealed that this type of rice is imported specially for
consumption by certain coloured immigrants who express a preference for it.
The rice is specially treated, being stored for part of the time in underground
Discussions took place with the importers and it is expected that the
labelling of this product will be altered in future to indicate more precisely
the nature of the food.
Sample No. 304.—Lactic Cheese.
"This was a sample of lactic cheese contaminated on one side with a
green mould growth. In Analyst's opinion a purchaser would not expect
to find mould development of this nature on fresh lactic cheese."
The manufacturers, on being approached about this sample, expressed
great regret. Their enquiries revealed that a newly imported packing machine
had developed a fault and had damaged the wrapping foil in the packing
operation. All traceable stocks of this consignment were called in and it is
hoped that there will be no recurrence.
Table 24. — Unsound Food.
The following articles were voluntarily surrendered and destroyed
as beinc unfit for human consumDtion:—

Where quantities are insufficient for salvage all unsound food is collected and disposed of at the Council's Refuse Destructor, by incineration.

Bacon21Canned Tomatoes7
Offal104Canned Vegetables12
Canned Meat97Jersey Potatoes56
Fish.Other Foods.
Canned Fish5Cheese24
Canned Fruit199
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