London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Barnes 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Barnes]

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Table 19. — Other Premises.

Nature of inspectionNumber of premisesNumber of visitsNotices issued and complied with
Public Houses, Public Halls, Cinemas and Public Conveniences4014-
Stable Yards4
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In addition to the above, 54 visits were made by Public Health Inspectors
to premises in connection with infectious disease.
Altogether, 226 non-effective visits were made to premises of all types
where no access was gained.

Table 20.— Housing Inspections.

Number of houses inspected in respect of defective conditions342
Number of re-inspections1,058
Number of houses inspected in respect of unsatisfactory living conditions, but where no repairs were required96
Number of re-inspections82
Number of Informal Notices served202
Number of Informal Notices complied with140
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Table 21.—Rent Act, 1957. Applications for Certificates of Disrepair.

Period ended:—
Dec. 57:Dec. 58:Dec. 59:Dec. 60:
1. No. of applications for Certificates4431168
2. No. of decisions not to issue Certificates
3. No. of decisions to issue Certificates4431168
(a) in respect of some but not all defects312685
(b) in respect of all defects13583
4. No. of undertakings given by landlords under para. 5 of the First Schedule242195
5. No. of undertakings refused by local authority under proviso to para. 5 of the First Schedule----
6. No. of Certificates issued101881
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