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Barnes 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Barnes]

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Notification Register.
The Register of Notifications has been kept revised in accordance
with the requirements of the Public Health (Tuberculosis) Regulations,
1952. The number of cases added to or removed from the Register
during the year and the number remaining on the Register on
December 31st, 1960 are as under:—

Table 9.—Tuberculosis Register.

Form of DiseaseOn Register, 1st Jan., 1960Cases AddedRemoved from RegisterRemaining on Register, 31st Dec. 1960
Primary Notif'nsOtherwiseRestoredTotalNon-Pul.CuredLeft District* DeadTotal
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* Includes 4 Pulmonary cases deceased from other causes.

Table 10. — Tuberculosis: New Cases and Mortality, 1960.

Age-PeriodsNew Cases*Deaths
1- 5 years--------
5-14 „-------
15-24 „36---
25-44 „73------
45-64 „1121-1---
65 „ and over41--1
All ages25121-1--1
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* In addition to primary notifications, all other new cases coming to the
knowledge of the Medical Officer of Health are included in these figures.
*Incidence-rate—Pulmonary 0.95 All forme 0.98
(per l,ooo population) Non-Pulmonary 0.03
Death-rate—Pulmonary 0.03
(per l,000 population) Non-Pulmonary 0.03

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