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Barnes 1954

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Barnes]


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    Table 2.—Vital Statistics of the Borough of Barnes during 1954 and previous 5 Years
    Year.Registered BirthsTotal Deaths Registered in the DistrictTransferable DeathsNett Deaths belonging to the District.
    Un. corrected Number.Nett.Of nonresidents registered in the District.Of residents registered outside the District.Under 1 year of ageAt all ages.
    Number.Rate.Number.Rate.Number.Kate per 1,000 nett birthsNumberRate
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    Table 3.—Birth-rate, Death-rate, and Analysis of Mortality during the Year 1954, with corresponding rates for england and wales, 160 great towns, 160 smaller towns, and for the County of London for comparison.
    Birth-rate per l,000 Total Population.Annual Death-rate per 1,000 Population.Death-rate per 1,000 Births.Maternal Mortality Rate per 1,000 Total Births
    All Causes.Typhoid & ParatyphoidWhooping Cough.Diphtheria.TuberculosisInfluenza.Small-poxPoliomyelitis Enceph.PneumoniaDiarrhœa and Enteritis (under 2 years).Total Deaths under One Year.Total Maternal MortalityMaternal causes (excluding abortion)Due to Abortion
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    T able 4.—Causes of Death during the Y ear 1954.
    Causes of Death (Registrar-General's short list of causes)Total DeathsMaleFemale
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    T able 5.—I nfant M ortality during the Y ear 1954. Causes of death, at various ages, of infants under one year.
    Cause of DeathUnder 1 Week1-2 Weeks2-3 Weeks3-4 WeeksTotal under 4 w'ks1-3 Months3-6 Months6-9 Months9-12 MonthsTotal under 1 yearDeaths in the BoroughDeaths outside Borough
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    Table 6.—Infectious Diseases: Incidence per 1,000 of the Population in 1954.
    Disease.BarnesLondonEngland and Wales
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    Table 7.—Notifiable Infectious Diseases, 1954.
    Diseases.Tote! Cases NotifiedAges, in years.ParishRemoved to HospitalTotal Deaths of Residents†
    Under 1 year1 to22 to 33 to 44 to 55 to 1010 to 1515 to 2020 to 2525 to 3535 to 4545 to 6565 and overBarnesMortlake
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    Table 8.—Notifiable Infectious Diseases, 1944 to 1954.
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    Table 10.—Tuberculosis Register.
    Form of Disease.On Register, 1st Jan, 1054Cases Added.Removed from Register.Remaining on Register 31st Dec., 1954
    Primary NotificationsOtherwise.RestoredTotalNon-Tub.CuredLeft DistrictDeadTotal
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    Table 11.—Tuberculosis: New Cases and Mortality, 1954.
    Age-Periods.New Cases.*Deaths.
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    The following Table shows the state of Diphtheria Immunisation of the Children of Barnes:—
    Infants 0-4 inclusiveSchool Children 5-14 inclusive
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    Table 13.—Infected Rooms and Articles (dealt with by the Council).
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    Table 15.—Food Premises. The following inspections were made in respect of premises where food is prepared, handled and distributed:—
    Nature of inspectionNumber of premisesNumber of visitsNotices issued and complied with
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    Table 17.—Sampling of Other Foods and Drugs. (a) Chemical Analysis.—70 Samples procured under the provisions of the Food & Drugs Act, 1938, included:—
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    Where quantities are insufficient for salvage all unsound food is collected and disposed of at the Council's Refuse Destructor, by incineration.
    Meat and Meat products, etc.Other Foods
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    T able 20.—F actories.
    No. of Premises on Register.Inspection.
    NumberWritten Notices Served
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    Table 21.—Home Workers.
    Work Undertaken No.No. on Register
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    Table 22.—Other Premises.
    Nature of inspectionNumber of premisesNumber of visitsNotices issued and complied with