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Barnes 1908

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Barnes]

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Showing the general work done in the Sanitary Department during 1908, and in the four preceding years.

Nature of Work Done.19041905190619071908
Inspections of houses and premises made41424454431540434284
Notices served for abatement of defects764681782715486
Houses and Premises cleansed and repaired2209617896129
Houses disinfected53681569274
Defective drains (amended)4242464269
Defective drains (reconstructed)2231281931
Defective soil pipe ventilators (made good)1518136
Defective closet pans and traps (replaced)114126874938
Dustbins (replaced)1251027910391
Defective flushing cisterns (repaired)1829910285123
Cisterns cleansed and covered5645504139
Premises on which animals causing nuisance78323
Foul accumulations (removed)426717
Defective roofs and eaves gutterings5519603037
Insanitary Yards paved6932749476
Floors ventilated......502413
Defective Mica Valves (made good)664294231
Burst pipes repaired2.........10
No proper receptacle for manure or offal9.........2
Overcrowding (abated)113431
Houses found unfit for habitation1...2110
Bakehouses inspected1110121413
Cowsheds and Dairies inspected2322212526
Licensed slaughter-houses inspected44433
Factories and Workshops inspected140154180194206
Number of visits to notifiable diseases1087017610681
Number of visits to non-notifiable diseases15451158291...
Premises licensed for storage of Petroleum1112131214
Complaints received3345494246
Summonses for abatement of Nuisances31128