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Chigwell 1937

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Chigwell]

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Section A.
Area (in acres) 8,970.
Population (at 30th June, 1937.
Reg. Gen. figures.) 22,510.
Number of inhabited houses 6,757.
Number of separate families or separate occupiers, not available.
Rateable Value £207,203 0s. 0d.
Sum represented by a Penny Rate £,779 0s. 0d.
The District comprises the basin of the Roding together with the
hills on each side of the valley. The low-lying ground on the west
side of the river in the Loughton and Buckhurst Hill wards in certain
parts is now filled with rows of small houses. There are no factories
of any size in the district. A large part of the area still consists of farm
and forest land although the farm land is slowly but surely being built
upon. There is good residential property on the hills where development
is still slowly proceeding.
The population has increased by 1,730 during the present year.
Last year the increase was 1,320. This is almost entirely due to
occupation of new property.
The rateable value has increased by over £15,000.
The sum obtained from a penny rate has also increased by
the same increase as for 1936.
The rate in the pound for 1937/38 was 11/8d.
The soil is clay with pockets of gravel usually on the higher
Owing to the proximity of the district to London there is a large
"dormitory" population, practically all the middle class earn their
living in London as do a large proportion of the working class. Local
occupations are farming, gardening, railway and transport employment
and the usual trades.
I have to thank the Manager of the Buckhurst Hill Employment
Exchange for supplying me with the following information regarding

The figures relate not only to this district but also to adjacent areas supervised by the Exchang:—

Totally Unemployed 19362985094361
Short Time Workers 193643007
Totally Unemployed 19373075754373
Short Time Workers 1937970016
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