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Southall 1962

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Southall]

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Smallpox Disinfection
In the event of smallpox occurring within the district and disinfection being required
on a considerable scale, arrangements have been made whereby this could be carried out.
An agreement was made with the North-West Metropolitan Regional Hospital Board
whereby in such an event the staff of St. John's Hospital, Uxbridge, would carry out this
Provision of Antitoxin and Vaccine Lymph
The Council provides diphtheria antitoxin free to local practitioners in the district.
This antitoxin is obtainable from the Public Health Department during office hours and by
direct request to the Medical Officer of Health at other times. In the event of emergency
supplies of vaccine lymph being required, they are obtainable at very short notice.
Scabies and Lice
During 1962, no cases of scabies were brought to the notice of the Department,
but 12 cases of head lice from two families required to have treatment. Baths and treatment
were arranged at Hammersmith Cleansing Station by courtesy of Hammersmith Borough
Council. Three members of one of these families required treatment again during the year,
also three members from another family. In addition, three more persons received treatment
for head lice and two for body lice.
The lesults of the routine school surveys of cleanliness in 1962 are not good; the
number inspected was very little greater than in 1961 but the number requiring treatment
was three times as great, and compulsory cleansing was needed for twice as many. Some
parents do not seem to experience the shame and horror of this type of infestation which is
the normal reaction of good parents, and infestation recurs over and over again in members
of some families in spite of all efforts made by the authorities. Such families can only be
cleared by having all the members treated at the same time along with disinfestation of
clothing and bedding.
Treatment of school children is normally carried out in the ordinary Middlesex County
Council Clinics.
Details of head inspections in schools are to be found in Table X, page 67.

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