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Heston and Isleworth 1915

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Heston and Isleworth]

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Table shewing dwelling houses represented as unfit for human habitation:—

Premises.No. of houses represented by M.O.H.Date Closing Orders made.Date Closing Orders determined.Date Demolition Orders made.Date Demolition Orders obeyed.Date Demolition enforced.
Br't forw'd from 1914—
a1-7, Castle Place7
b 1-3, Poplar Cottages324/2/14...22/12/14*
c299-311, Staines Rd.728/4/1428/9/1527/4/15
42, Derby Road128/4/1426/1/1527/10/14
d40-44. Derby Road2
Wild's Rents126/5/14...22/12/146/9/15
13, 14, Town Wharf226/5/14...22/12/146/9/15
17, Town Wharf126/5/14...22/12/145/7/15
10-16, Church Street42-3/2/15...26/10/15*
15, South Street127/4/15...23/11/15*
el-3, Gumley Terrace327/4/15
1-4, Gilbert's Cottages, E.423/3/15...26/10/15
1-4, Baker's Cotts.418/12/15

a—Nos. 2, 3, G and 7, dealt with under Section 15. Rendered fit 4/8/15.
b—Appeals lodged against Demolition Order. L.G.B. enquiry held 15/3/15.
Order made 18/5/15 operative 18/8/15.
c—Operation of Demolition Orders postponed for 3 months.
d—Consideration of Closing Orders postponed 6/4/14. Being dealt with
under Public Health Acts.
c—Houses demolished voluntarily 6/7/15.
*—Demolition deferred until after the War.
New Houses.
I am informed by the Surveyor that four houses suitable for
the working classes were erected during the year.
Milk Supply.
No material change has been observed during the past year
in the conditions under which cow-keeping and milk-vending are
carried on in the district.