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Wimbledon 1930

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Wimbledon]

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Employment of Children Bye-laws.—Observations in connection
with the employment of children have been maintained
throughout the year, but few breaches have been observed.
Practically the whole- of the work is done outside office
hours, on Sundays and public holidays. It was deemed
advisable in eleven eases to report the circumstances to the
Education Authority and as a result, in one case affecting the
employment of three boys in prohibited employment, proceedings
were instituted against the employer and the parents.
The employer was fined 10s. in each of the three cases-and the
parents were each fined 10s.
Fouling of Footways by Dogs.—It is a matter for regret that
persons exercising their dogs are not mindful of the comfort of
other foot passengers. It is extremely difficult for offenders to
be detected by your Officers but every endeavour is being made
to maintain the Borough's standard of cleanliness.
Public Health (Smoke Abatement) Act, 1926.—It will be
remembered that the Second Conference at the Guildhall, of the
Greater London Joint Smoke Abatement Committee, recpruended,
amongst other things, the adoption by all Local Authorities in
the Greater London area of the following:—
That the emission of "black" smoke, for a period of
two minutes in the aggregate within' any continuous
period of thirty minutes from any one chimney in a
building other than a private dwelling house shall,
until the contrary is proved, be presumed to be a
In connection with this, Metropolitan Councils recommended
the advisability of the London County Council, which is the
Authority for making such Bye-laws in the County of London,
to make a Bye-law under Section 2 of the Public Health (Smoke
Abatement) Act, 1926. This was done and the London County
Council advertised the draft Order' which met with considerable
opposition, and the Ministry of Health recommended a conference
should be held between the Local Authorities and the Federation
of British Industries and the National Union of Manufacturers.
As a result of this conference it was recommended the London
County Council to make a bye-law in the following terms:—
"The emission of black smoke for a period of three minutes,
and after five years from the date of confirmation
of this Bye-law, for a period of two minutes in the
aggregate within any continuous period of thirty
minutes from any one chimney of a building other
than a private dwelling house shall until the contrary
is proved be presumed to bo a nuisance liable to be
dealt with summarily under the Public Health
(London) Act, 1891."