London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Walthamstow 1962

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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Town HallA.M.Dental Foot Clinic Orthoptic Minor Ailment Ophthalmic (1st,3rd & 5th)Dental Foot Clinic (Schoolchildren) OpticianDental Foot Clinic Ophthalmic (1st, 3rd & 5th Orthoptic Minor AilmentDental Foot Clinic Paediatric (1st & 3rd)Dental Foot Clinic Orthoptic Orthodontic Minor AilmentDental Ophthalmic (2nd & 4th Optician (2nd & 4th Minor Ailment
P.M.Dental Foot Clinic Ear, Nose & Throat Ophthalmic (2nd & 4th) OrthopticDental Foot Clinic Ophthalmic OpticianDental Foot Clinic Immunisation & VaccinationDental Foot Clinic Ophthalmic Orthoptic OpticianDental Foot Clinic Ophthalmic Orthodontic Optician
EveningFoot ClinicGeneral Dental ServiceFoot ClinicFoot Clinic General Dental ServiceFoot Clinic Orthodontic
Silverdale RoadA.M.Foot ClinicMinor Ailment Foot Clinic (School children)Foot ClinicDental Foot ClinicFoot Clinic
P.M.Infant Welfare Ante Natal/ Post Natal (twice monthly) Toddlers Clinic (twice monthly) Foot ClinicMidwives Ante Natal Clinic Foot ClinicInfant WelfareRelaxation & Mothercraft Class Dental Foot Clinic
EveningFoot ClinicFoot Clinic
Higham Hill and Priory CourtA.M.Foot ClinicDental Foot Clinic (School children)Dental Foot ClinicFoot Clinic DentalFoot Clinic DentalDental
P.M.Dental Foot Clinic Infant WelfareDental Foot Clinic Toddlers Clinic (alternate weeks)Dental Midwives Ante Natal Clinic Foot ClinicInfant Welfare Foot Clinic DentalRelaxation and Mother-craft Class Dental
EveningFoot ClinicFoot Clinic
Low Hall LaneA.M.Minor Ailment Foot ClinicFoot Clinic (Schoolchildren)Foot ClinicMinor Ailment Foot ClinicFoot Clinic
P.M.Infant Welfare Foot ClinicRelaxation and Mother craft classInfant Welfare Foot ClinicAnte Natal/ Post Natal Foot ClinicInfant Welfare Foot Clinic
EveningFoot ClinicFoot ClinicFoot ClinicFoot Clinic
West AvenueA.M.Foot ClinicDental Foot Clinic (School children)Dental Foot ClinicDental Foot ClinicDental Foot Clinic
P.M.Foot Clinic DentalInfant Welfare DentalRelaxation and Mother-craft Class Foot Clinic DentalAnte Natal/ Post Natal (twice monthly) Infant Welfare DentalToddlers Clinic (alternate weeks) Foot Clinic Dental
EveningFoot ClinicFoot Clinic
Winchester RoadP.M.Infant Welfare
District Nurses Training Home, Carisbrooke RoadP.M.Midwives Ante Natal ClinicMidwives Ante Natal Clinic
Old Monoux School, High StreetSpeech Therapy and Child Guidance Consultations daily (morning and afternoon) from Monday to Friday
Orthopaedic Clinic, Wingfield House School, Hale End RoadSpeech Therapy and Massage and Treatment - sessions daily (morning and afternoon) from Monday to Friday
Walthamstow Child Welfare Society, (Voluntary Society) Brookscroft, Forest RoadP.M.Massage Remedial Exercises and Sunlight TreatmentWeighing Clinic & Cookery LectureInfant WelfareMassage Remedial Exercises and Sunlight Treatment Diphtheria & Whooping Cough Immunisation (Alternate weeks)