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Walthamstow 1962

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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Mr. W.E. Boyce, County Welfare Officer has kindly prepared the following table and explanatory notes:-

Extent to which services provided in 1962. Number of Walthamstow Residents in accommodation provided under Section 21 (1)(a) National Assistance Act, 1948.Number admitted to Residential Accommodation during 1962.Number admitted to Temporary Accommodation under Section 21 (1) (b) National Assistance Act, 1948.Blind Persons, etc.Other Classes of Handicapped Persons Registered
RegisteredNumber employed in:
BlindPartially SightedDefective SightedWorkshopsHome Workers SchemeOpen Industry

The above table indicates the extent to which the various services provided by the County Council under the provisions of the
National Assistance Act, 1948, have been afforded in 1962 to persons having residence in the Borough of Walthamstow.
The County Council continues to develop the provision of residential accommodation for aged persons there are 2 aged persons'
homes accommodating 104 residents in Walthamstow. and further homes are planned to meet the increasing demand.
Welfare services are available for blind and handicapped persons in a variety of ways; these include home visitation by
specialised field workers, tuition in handicrafts, recreational and holiday facilities and, especially for the handicapped
person, the supply of home aids, gadgets and hoists and. in addition, the Committee give financial aid towards the cost of
structural alterations designed to assist the handicapped person in overcoming his disability. There is also a local
occupational centre for physically handicapped persons and. on average, 60 persons attend daily.