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Walthamstow 1962

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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bought for the younger sister who was incapacitated by
severe migraine. They refused to apply for National
Assistance and repeated visits had to be made before they
finally yielded to friendly persuasion and consented to sign
the forms. Now in receipt of adequate assistance their
health has markedly improved.
These cases, which could be duplicated repeatedly from the daily
work of the health visitors, serve to illustrate the need to
re-orientate the Health and Welfare Services towards greater provision
for the elderly in the community. During the past five years the
number of visits to old people had almost doubled, from 1,097 in 1958
to 2,152 this year, despite unfilled vacancies in the health visitors'
establishment. When and if it becomes possible to raise (and fill)
this establishment to the recommended level of one health visitor to
each 4,000 population we should have about fifty per cent more staff
to undertake this important and increasing task in Preventive Medicine.
Meanwhile we are grateful to the Committee for authorising the
auxiliary employment of Mrs. Wood on this workwhich she has carried
out with such enthusiasm and efficiency.
Funeral Arrangements
Arrangements continued with regard to burials within the terms
of the National Assistance Act, 1948.
Medical Examinations
During the year the medical staff carried out 183 examinations
of Borough Council employees in respect of the Superannuation and
Sick Pay Schemes.
The Council continued to provide facilities for steam disinfection
for the Chingford and Leyton Corporations.
Contributed by Mr. D.M.P. Sullivan, Borough Engineer and
Facilities for cremation are available at the City of London
Crematorium at Manor Park and also the Manor Park Crematorium, Manor

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