London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Walthamstow 1948

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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The facilities for the distribution of vitamins outlined in the
1942 Report were continued at all Welfare Centres.
Every effort is being made to increase the demand.


The following table shows the average attendances at the Nurseries during 1948 (Mondays to Fridays only).

Month.Nurseries.Over 2 yrs.Under 2 yrs.Total.
JanuaryHigham Hill37.714.352.0
Handsworth Ave.34.911.346.2
FebruaryHigham Hill39.912.051.9
Handsworth Ave.39.212.852.0
MarchHigham Hill45.312.157.4
Handsworth Ave.39.811.651.4
AprilHigham Hill39.911.050.9
Handsworth Ave.40.212.752.9
MayHigham Hill46.410.256.6
Handsworth Ave.42.810.253.0
JuneHigham Hill49.610.059.6
Handsworth Ave.39.010.649.6
JulyHigham Hill45.39.054.3
Handsworth Ave.35.08.543.5
AugustHigham Hill44.19.453.5
Handsworth Ave.
SeptemberHigham Hill49.99.058.9
Handsworth Ave.44.310.254.5
OctoberHigham Hill49.29.458.6
Handsworth Ave.48.410.058.4
NovemberHigham Hill46.79.155.8
Handsworth Ave.45.69.655.2
December . .Higham Hill41.48.850.2
Handsworth Ave.45.810.456.2
Whole YearHigham Hill44.610.354.9
Handsworth Ave.40.810.651.4

During the current year it has become necessary to reduce the
number of names on the Register at each Nursery from 60 to 55
so as not to exceed the capacity of the Nursery (i.e., 50 places).
Pressure on the Day Nurseries remains high even in the priority
classes, i.e., the children of unmarried mothers, of widows, or of wives
separated from their husbands; the children of mothers whose husbands
are frequently ill and cannot work full-time or are unemployed,
or who are themselves ill; the children of mothers whose husbands
are in the Forces; and of mothers who are working full-time on
essential work.