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Walthamstow 1948

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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1948, but eventually, protection against Whooping Cough under
the M.R.C. scheme was begun in March, 1949, and at the time
of writing, over 800 acceptances have been received in the age
group 6-18 months, to which ages the trials are restricted.
Prior to July 5th, 1948, Whooping Cough protection had been
given since October, 1947 at the Council's Day Nurseries. Every
child was given protection as soon as possible after admission.
Although a considerable number of cases of Whooping Cough
occurred during 1948 in the area in which the day nursery children
live, there has been no case of Whooping Cough amongst children
attending the day nurseries.
Apart from the fatality of Whooping Cough in the early years
of life, there may result considerable damage to the lung tissue.
In addition, the disease is one of the most distressing in infancy and
early childhood, and there is considerable keenness amongst the
parents of young children to take advantage of the arrangements
to give protection.
The ultimate aim is the employment of a reliable prophylactic
which will protect against both Diphtheria and Whooping Cough
with the least possible number of injections.


The following table shows particulars of new cases of tuberculosis and of all deaths from the disease in the Borough during 1948:—

Age Periods.New Cases.Deaths.
Under 1 year1
1-5 years2112
5-10 „13121
10-15 „21
15-20 „10821112
20-25 „12151-12--
25-35 „17811210--
35-45 „1411--128--
45-55 „54--64--
55-65 „7---10---
65 and over4622