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Walthamstow 1948

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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Of the 2,501 informal notices served, 220 were in respect of
business premises and the remainder (2,281) related to defects in
private houses. Of the latter figure, 1,963 were complied with
without resort to statutory procedure.
In four cases the Owners failed to carry out notices served
under Section 9 of the Housing Act, 1936, and the Council executed
the work in default at a cost of £60 8s. 5d.
In 21 instances it was found necessary to institute proceedings
consequent upon owners' default in complying with the requirements
of notices served under Section 93 of the Public Health
Act, 1936. Orders were made by the Justices in eleven cases and
in the ten remaining the summonses were withdrawn on payment
of costs, the work being in progress or completed before the
The following table shows the different types of work carried
out in the district during the year :—
Drains tested, 469; Drains reconstructed or repaired, 639;
Drains, obstructions removed, 268; Drains, means of access
provided, 69; Drains, ventilation provided or improved, 90;
Drains, ventilation repaired, 97; Soil pipes repaired or renewed,
113; Rainwater pipes renewed, 324; Rainwater pipes disconnected
from drains, 5; Roofs repaired or renewed, 1,090;
Gutterings repaired or renewed, 450; W.C. pans or traps
provided, 527; Gully traps provided, 127; W.C. flushing
cisterns repaired or renewed, 296; W.C. floors concreted, 78;
W.C.s repaired and cleansed, 246; W.C.'s light and ventilation
improved, 20; Waste pipes repaired, renewed or trapped, 223;
New sinks provided, 101; Stoves and firegrates repaired or
renewed, 424; Water supply reinstated, 11; Water supply
taken off main, 24; Cisterns cleansed and covered, 15; Sculleries
paved, 55; Yards and forecourts paved or repaired, 91;
Dirty houses cleansed, 42; Dirty rooms cleansed, 506; Floors
repaired, 595; Ventilations under floors provided or improved,
248; New damp-proof courses provided, 63; Sites concreted,
10; Offensive accumulations removed, 23; Animals improperly
kept, removed, 7; Stables repaired and cleansed, 21; Manholes
repaired or re-sealed, 114; Other causes of dampness remedied,
515 ; Miscellaneous repairs, 2,450.
Infectious Diseases.
Visits to premises, 336; Re-visits to premises, 9.
Rooms disinfected, 137; Articles disinfected at Low Hall
Lane, 329 ; Articles destroyed at Low Hall Lane, 98.