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Walthamstow 1934

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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(Note by Medical Officer of Health: The coach-house is now the
pupil midwives' classroom and the coachman's rooms over are the
Resident Medical Officer's quarters.)
"At the west end, opposite the coach-house, is another building
which was the stable and cowhouse. This has a brick with the date
'1789' cut in it. The upper part of this building was fitted with
storage room for fruit, etc. The cows used to graze in the meadows
opposite, where Spruce Hills Road now runs.
(Note by Medical Officer of Health: This building is now
referred to as the lodge and accommodates the ante-natal clinic on
the ground floor and six staff bedrooms on the first floor.)
"The garden possesses a varied selection of trees including oak,
chestnut, silver birch, copper beech, cedar, acacia, larch, cypress
and mulberry. Even in 1928 there were owls, wood pigeons and
hedgehogs in the grounds."
After several alterations to the draft plans, building was
finally begun by contract on the 20th February, 1933, and the
Home was officially opened by Dame Janet Campbell, D.B.E., on
the 21st April, 1934. Following the opening, the Home was
thrown open for public inspection and, excluding the opening day,
1,386 persons signed the visitors' book.
Adaptation.—There are four separate blocks—Thorpe Coombe
and the lodge—both used for staff accommodation together with
ante-natal clinic premises in the latter, and two blocks of new
construction, viz., the Maternity Block and the laundry. In
addition, a small building is at present under construction to
aocommodate a water softening plant.
Thorpe Coombe has on the ground floor the Matron's office,
four staff dining and sitting rooms, and kitchen (electrically
equipped). The first floor has nine single bedrooms and the second
floor seven single bedrooms. Both floors have bathrooms, etc., in
addition, and the basement is used for storage purposes. The old
house has been completely modernised by the installation of central
heating, electric lighting and fitted wash-basins and wardrobes in
each bedroom. The lodge has on the ground floor the ante-natal
clinic comprising waiting-room, dispensary, dressing cubicles and
examination room. In addition, one room is used as a District
Midwife's office. The first floor provides six single bedrooms
modernised as previously described.