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Walthamstow 1933

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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The following table shows the position with regard to Maternal Mortality compared with that for England and Wales:—

Births Registered.Deaths of women due to Pregnancy and Child-bearing.
WALTHAMSTOW.England and Wales.
Puerperal Sepsis.Other Puerperal Causes.Total.Rates per 1,000 Births Registered.Rates per 1,000 Births Registered.
Puerperal Sepsis.Other Puerperal Causes.Total.Puerperal Sepsis.Other Puerperal. Causes.Total.
Live 1,670 „ and Stillbirths 1,7357294.

The table following this page gives full particulars of all the
Maternal Deaths in respect of which inquiry forms were completed
and sent to the Ministry of Health.
(a) Propaganda.— The National Milk Publicity Council
showed a film on "Milk" at the Low Hall Lane Centre on
28th September, 1933.
(b) Maternity Outfits.— Following the receipt of a circular
letter from the Chief Medical Officer to the Ministry of Health in
November, 1932, all existing stocks of maternity outfits were
returned to the makers for resterilisation.
A set was selected at random in December, 1933, and was sent
away for bacteriological tests to be carried out for sterility. The
laboratory reported that the results were satisfactory and that the
outfits were of good quality, clean and adequately sterilised.
(c) Provision of Artificial Dentures.— Towards the end
of the year your Council approved a scheme for the supply of
artificial dentures for necessitous expectant mothers attending the
Municipal Ante-Natal Clinics.
The scale of recovery is based on the scale approved with
regard to the Maternity Home fees.
(d) Summary.— A summary of the services for Maternity
and Child Welfare provided by your Council which was published
in the 1932 Report applies equally to the year 1933.