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Walthamstow 1933

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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The following table shows the work done by the midwives during 1933:—

,, confinements attended as a maternity nurse161
,, Medical Aid Notices sent110
,, Notifications of Deaths4
,, Twin Births5
,, Stillbirths16
,, Notifications of liability to be a source of infection11
,, Notifications of laying out a dead body1
,, Notifications of Artificial Feeding1
,, Notifications of Disinfection11

During 1932, 590 cases were attended as Midwives and 159 as
Maternity Nurses.
The conditions for which Medical Aid was summoned by
Midwives has been summarised and were as follows:—
Albuminuria 2
Ante-partum Haemorrhage 3
Advice 1
Cerebral Haemorrhage 1
Heart Trouble 1
Threatened Miscarriage 1
Total 9
Pyrexia 4
Post partum Haemorrhage 4
Abdominal pain 1
Breast Abscess 1
Collapse 1
Gastritis 1
Inflamed Leg 2
Backache 1
Total 15
Ruptured Perineum 23
Mai presentation 7
Adherent Placenta 4
Prolonged Labour 24
Placenta Praevia 1
Total 59
Convulsions 2
Neo-natal death 1
Abnormality 4
Prematurity and Feebleness
Stillbirth 4
Discharge from Eye 5
Asphyxia 1
Total 24
Miscellaneous 3
Nursing Homes Registration Act, 1927.— See Public
Health Section of the Report.
The following tables give details of the 30 cases of Puerperal
Fever and Pyrexia during 1933.
Of the 30 cases, a total of 8 were notified from Hospitals outside
the area.
The puerperal fever and pyrexia rate during 1933 was 17.2
per 1,000 births, whilst the fatality due to puerperal sepsis was
23.3 per cent. of cases of fever and pyrexia notified.