London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Walthamstow 1933

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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Dr. Sheppard reports as follows:—
"There are now six weekly Municipal Welfare sessions held
in the Borough and that they are all well attended, can be seen
from the following Table.
The new Higham Hill Centre at No. 1, Guildsway was opened
on June 1st, and is proving very popular, in fact so popular has it
become that it was found necessary to start a second weekly
weighing session there. The new premises are very comfortable
and easily worked.
The Masseuse now attends on five half days weekly. Towards
the end of the year the fifth half day had to be started owing to
the large waiting list.
Unfortunately, a slight amount of bone weakness causing bowing
of the legs has become more common during the past few
years. Breast fed babies seem to suffer, if anything more, in this
respect than those artificially fed and even very young babies are
affected suggesting that the underlying cause is malnutrition of
the mother before the baby's birth. I fear the cause is almost
impossible to tackle although your Council help as far as they can
by a milk grant during the last three months of pregnancy and during
lactation. Fortunately, however, with careful feeding and
massage the defect is soon remedied.
Thanks are again due to the voluntary workers who have so
ably and conscientiously assisted your staff during the past year."


Centre.First Attendances of New Cases.Re-attendances.Grand Total.
Under 1 yr. of age.1-5 yrs of age.Total.Under 1 yr. of age.1-5 yrs. of age.Total.
Low Hall Lane7233876111884101352201922780
Higham Hill2361573932674308857626155
Highams Park210802903170212452945584

"Ante-Natal.— The increase in the numbers attending the
Ante-Natal Clinic necessitated the starting of an extra session on