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Walthamstow 1933

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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“ During the year, 13 children were referred to the clinic in
this way after Scarlet Fever; of these, 11 were found to show some
evidence of cardiac defect. Thirteen children were referred after
Diphtheria, and 10 of these showed some cardiac abnormality. Thus
as a result of the ' Post-Infectious Disease Clinic,' 21 children
with early cardiac mischief came under treatment at the earliest
Diphtheria Immunisation.— During the year facilities for
immunisation against Diphtheria were continued.
The scheme in operation was briefly as follows:—All children
over the age of five years are first of all Schick tested and the
results read on the third day. Immunisation is advised in all
Schick positive cases over 5 years of age and in all children between
one and five years of age.
Three weekly doses of toxoid-antitoxin mixture are given subcutaneously
and a Schick test is done in every case one month
after the last injection.
A summary of the immunisation work done during the year
is given below:—

Diphtheria Immunisation, 1933.

Schick Tested for first time267
Negative (including 2 pseudo negative)157
Immunised without being Schick tested (under 5 years of age)40
No. having one immunising injection6150
,, ,, two immunising injections5
,, ,, three ,, ,,130
four ,, ,,6
„ „ five „ ,,3
No. of partly immunised cases brought forward from 193217
Total No. given one or more immunising doses during 1932167

Results of Schick Tests Following Immunisation.

Negative after 3 doses112
„ „ 4 „6
„ „5 „3
No. of immunisations not completed at end of year21
No. left area or not yet finally Schick tested19
No. not completing immunising course6