London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Walthamstow 1933

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Walthamstow]

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Periodical quarterly inspections are made to each Home, in
addition to any visits necessary for special inquiries.
Water. —New mains have been installed in the following roads :
Mason Road, Lichfield Road, Keynsham Avenue, a new road (not
yet named) on the Montalt Estate (Highams Park), Hillside
Gardens, Montserrat Avenue, Oak Hill Close, The Avenue, Hollywood
Way, Farm Lodge Estate (Chingford Road), Markmanor
Avenue, Billet Road (Housing extension), The Mile End, Frinton
Drive, Richmond Avenue, Durban Road (Housing extension),
Cheney Row, Ascham End, Alma Avenue and Belle Vue Road.
The supply is provided by the Metropolitan Water Board and
has been entirely satisfactory in quality and quantity. No action
has been necessary in respect of any form of contamination.
Rivers and Streams.— Periodical cleaning of Dagenham
Brook was carried out to the requirements of the Essex Sewers
Drainage and Sewerage.—No extensions of the sewerage
system other than minor ones, necessitated by the development of
various building estates, were carried out.
The construction of a relief sewer from Hale End Road at
the junction with Wadham Road to the Sewage Works has been
Closet Accommodation.— The use of the cesspool at "Essex
Hall" has been discontinued, the drains having been connected
to the sewer constructed in connection with the Essex Hall Housing
Scheme. The number of cesspools remaining is nine.
Public Cleansing.—Your Cleansing Superintendent reports
as follows:—
The collection of house refuse is carried out by means of
horse-drawn vans and mechanical vehicles.
House refuse is disposed of by incineration and tipping. The
total amount of refuse collected by the Council was 25,929 tons,
giving an average daily weight of 86.6 tons.
Cesspools are cleansed by pumping out the contents, which
are carted to and discharged into the nearest sewer.


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