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Ilford 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Ilford]

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The following table summarises the attendances of children under 5 years during 1961:-

ClinicSessionsNew CasesOld CasesAttendances
Kenwood Gardens438898307
Manford Way73711

The 268 children were found by the Orthopaedic Surgeon to have the following defects:-

DiagnosisNew CasesOld Cases
Spastic Paresis1-----
Deformity of Hips11
Genu Valgum331739102
Pes Valgo-Planus31_3__
Valgus Ankles11211663
Congenital Talipes E.V913_
Deformity of Toes26173_
Metatarsal Varus2____
Out- Curvature Tibiae_____2_
Genu Varum____1_
Deformity of Foot___3__
Postural Defect1__6__
Other conditions1211---

A — Kenwood Gardens B — Mayesbrook C — Manford Way
12 pairs of valgus insoles, 7 G.V. night splints and 85 wedges to
shoes were supplied during 1961.
In addition 1 repair to surgical shoes and 2 repairs to splints were
The Physiotherapist treated 53 children under 5 at Kenwood Gardens
Clinic, 38 at Mayesbrook Clinic and 2 at Manford Way, with attendances of
528, 285 and 12 respectively.
PAEDIATRIC CLINIC. —Dr. A. Russell, the Consultant Paediatrician
continued to attend this Clinic at Kenwood Gardens Clinic during 1961.
28 sessions were held and 114 new cases were examined, having been
referred from the infant welfare centres, schools and the Ilford Maternity
Hospital for the reasons set out in the following table; a total of 274
attendances were made.