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Ilford 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Ilford]

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PET ANIMALS ACT, 1951. - This Act came into force on 1st April,
1952, and the Council is the Local Authority for the Borough. The Chief
Public Health Inspector is designated as the officer responsible for the
administration of the Act and he and his Deputy are authorised to inspect
any premises in the Borough where licences are in force.
Licences were granted in respect of 11 premises during 1961.
PETROLEUM (CONSOLIDATION) ACT, 1928. - The Public Health
Inspectors mode 1,633 visits to premises where petroleum is stored, or in
conjunction with the installation of such storage, and the testing of
petroleum appliances or fittings.
The number of Licences issued was 151, and the fees paid to the
Council for such Licences was £124.15s.
LITTER ACT, 1958. — The Public Health Inspectors are authorised
by the Council to investigate and report offences under the Act. During
1961, 3 offences were reported. Legal proceedings were taken in one case
and a fine of £2, plus 4s. costs was imposed. A letter of warning was
also served in one other instance.
Complaints were received of noise nuisances from 31 premises
during the year. In 16 cases no nuisance was found to exist in respect of
which action could be taken. In 12 cases representations by the Public
Health Inspector resulted in abatement of the nuisance. One Statutory
Notice was served and complied with, and two Intimation Notices served,
one of which was complied with in 1961.