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Ilford 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Ilford]

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It might be considered advisable to reorganise
the sanitary conveniences at schools, particularly
the old ones, to prevent the undue waste and inconvenience
arising from the unsuitable external situation
of these facilities which undoubtedly cause
discomfort to pupils, staff and administrators.
It is also pleasing to note that the water
supplies to the schools were sufficient throughout
the year, thus preventing complaints arising from
the deficiencies of the previous year when certain
schools in the Borough were without adequate flushing
water to the sanitary conveniences."
Employment of School-children and Young Persons.During
1961, 112 children were submitted for medical examination
in accordance with the Bye-laws made under Part
II of the Children and Young Persons Act, 1933, and all were
found to be medically fit.
In 1961 the scheme was extended to include all pupils
overthe age of 13years and students attending Universities,
Colleges or other establishments of further education. In
addition those previously invited who did not accept were
given a further opportunity, hence the large number to whom
it was offered.
No. of pupils to whom B. C. G. was offered 2,354
No. of pupils whose parents consent to treatment.
No. of pupils undergoing tuberculin test *1,479
Positive: 99
No. of pupils who received B. C. G. 1,285
*78 carried forward from previous year.

MEDICAL EXAMINATION OF TEACHERS, OFFICERS AND SERVANTS.-The following examinations were carried out during 1961:-

OfficersServantsTeachersIntending TeachersTotal
New Appointments12424475173
Under Sickness Regulations-4--4