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Ilford 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Ilford]

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The number of children coming within these categories and their disposition as on the 31st December, 1961, are tabulated in the following table in accordance with the Handicapped Pupils Regulations, 1953, and amended by the Handicapped Pupils and Special Schools Regulations, 1959, operative with effect from 1st April, 1959.

CATEGORYNumber of children of school age on 31st December, 1961, formally ascertained as handicapped pupils and requiring special educational treatment (s.e.t.)
Attending day special schoolAwaiting placement in day special schoolAttending residential special schoolAwaiting placement in residential special schoolAttending boarding homesAwaiting placement in boarding homesAttending independent schoolsAwaiting placement in independent schoolsAttending hospital schoolsAwaiting placement in hospital schoolsReceiving Education in hospital under Section 56Receiving home tuition under Section 56Awaiting home tuition under Section 56Total No. of children of school age requiring s.e.t.
Partially Sighted5-11--1------7
Partially deaf12-----2------14
Physically handicapped401-2--9----5-56
Speech defect--------------
Dual Defects2--2--1------4

The Training Centre for severely Subnormal Children
and Adult Female patients, was opened on 8th September,
1953, at the Methodist Church Hall, Bennett's Castle Lane,
Becontree. It is known as the Ilford Junior Training Centre.
Full medical inspection is carried out once a year,
by one of the School Medical Officers, also a survey visit
is made quarterly.