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Ilford 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Ilford]

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Left the Country 1
Admitted to special school, 1
Left district 2
The work at the school has proceeded smoothly
as in previous years. In addition to the routine
medical examinations, an audiometric survey has
been started on the lines of the one just finished at
the Cerebral Palsy Unit.
As in previous years, the trend continues towards
admitting more severely handicapped children
not only from Ilford but also from surrounding areas,
and here again the establishment of a nursery class
will increase the scope of the work.
The problem of suitable placement of children
with a dual handicap, i.e. physical disability and
mental retardation, remains a very difficult one
which is probably only to be solved at a higher level.
In conclusion I should like to thank the staff
for their continued help and co-operation, which has
made possible the smooth running of the school. "
Dr. D. M. B. Gross, Medical Officer in charge,
reports as follows:-
"During the year in question the number of
children on roll varied between 18 on 31st December,
1960, and 23 on 31st December, 1961.
In reviewing the work undertaken throughout
this period, 8 children were examined in connection
with suitability for admission; of these, 5 were
accepted and came from the following areas:-
Ilford 2
Romford 2 (1 under school age)
South Essex 1
The 3 children rejected, with the reason for
rejection and the responsible Authority concerned