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Ilford 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Ilford]

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DiagnosisNew CasesOld Cases
Genu Varum---211
Pes valgus-planus731104-
Valgus Ankles205-3291
Talipes calcaneo-valgus----2-
Hallux valgus12-81-
Deformity of Foot---3--
Deformity of Chest---2--
Lumbar Lordosis1-----
Deformity of Toes76-1651
N. A. D1-----
Foot Strain2--21-
Metatarsal varus---7-1
Spina Bifida---11-
Other conditions156-1381
A - Kenwood Gardens. B- Mayesbrook. C - Manford Way.

13 children of school age were admitted to East Ham Memorial Hospital. Particulars as follows:-

No. of CasesOperation
1Removal of Exostosis Rt. Femur
2Operation Torticollis
1Transfer flexor Longus to Extensor Expansion 2nd 3rd R. & L.
1Arthrodesis Gt. Toe Lt. 3rd Toe Rt.
1Further Eversion Tarsal Lt.
1Tenotomy & Holdsworth Operation.
1D. I. P. Arthrodesis
IP. I. P. Wedge Arthrodesis. 2nd Toe left foot.
1Bunionectomy and Phalangeal Osteotomy
1D. I. P. Arthrodesis 4th Toe Lt.
1Spinal fusion.
1Holdsworth Operation Lt.

During the year 14 pairs of valgus insoles, 8 pairs
of surgical boots or shoes, 5 pairs Genu Valgum splints, 1
metatarsal bar, 7 calipers and inverting irons, 20 repairs