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Ilford 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Ilford]

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schools with 66 departments. The number of children on the
school roll of Primary and Secondary Schools in Ilford on
20th December, 1961, was 22,913 which figure includes
Barking Abbey (457). In addition there were 103 children
attending the special schools.
During the year 5,063 periodic medical inspections were
carried out and in addition, 775 special inspections and 1,778
re-inspections were undertaken. 3,440 parents or 67.9
per cent, attended the full medical inspections.
As in previous years the Elmbridge and Kennylands
Boarding Schools remained under this authority for the purpose
of medical supervision and Dr. Gross visited each
school once a term to undertake routine medical inspections
and follow-up cases.
The existing arrangements, however, whereby Surrey
County Council undertook dental inspection and treatment of
Dupils at Elmbridge School were continued.
STAFF. - On 3 1st March, 1961, Dr. Noordin resigned
his appointment as a full-time Assistant County Medical
Officer of Health. Dr. M. B. Gee was appointed in a parttime
capacity and commenced six sessions weekly as from
1st. August, 1961. Dr. G. B. Taylor resigned his full-time
appointment on 7th October, 1961, but remained on the staff
In apart-time capacity, commencing six sessions weekly as
from 9th October, 1961. By the end of the year our parttime
dental staff had doubled its strength, both in numbers
and sessions, and there were 8 part-time dentists undertaking
29 sessions, in addition to the full-time Area Dental Officer.
As a consequence we were able to carry out school dental
Inspections to the extent of 32% of the school roll as against
what for many years has been 5 - 10%.
Miss Radford, Psychiatric Social Worker at the
Child Guidance Clinic, resigned her appointment on 15th
January, 1961 and Miss M. D. Boyd, who was appointed to
her vacancy, commenced duties on 29th September, 1961.