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Ilford 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Ilford]

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The attendances during the year 1961 were as follows:-

No. of SessionsAttendances
New CasesRe-attendances
Newbury Hall3741801,968
Kenwood Gardens Clinic3351611,714
Manford Way Clinic11172605
Mayesbrook Clinic2341401,122
Heathcote Avenue Clinic3621211
Welfare Establishments2641305
Domiciliary Visits386442

TUBERCULOSIS VISITORS. — The 3 Tuberculosis Visitors made a
total of 2,417 home visits.
Occupational Therapist, who undertakes part-time duty in Ilford, has
submitted the following report:-
It has been said of tuberculous patients that "Nature heals
and the patient helps by securing rest, fresh air, proper and sufficient
food and by maintaining a saguine and tranquil state of mind".
All these, with the exception of the last, the patient secures on
entering a sanatorium and it is to produce the "sanguine and tranquil
state of mind" that occupational therapy has been introduced as a
part of treatment.
For the patient who is discharged from hospital, it has been
found that the long months of treatment have combined with the
disease to unfit the patient for an abrupt resumption of a normal
pattern of living. All his functions and habits are keyed to an inactive
Among the many facilities for tuberculosis which are provided
by the County Council are the domiciliary occupational therapy
arrangements. This service has been in operation for some years.
The patients are recommended for domiciliary occupational therapy
by chest physicians with close co-operation by the tuberculosis
At present there is one full-time occupational therapist employed
to carry out this work. The areas covered by this scheme, viz.
Dagenham, Barking, Ilford, Romford, Homchurch, Forest and Grays,